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The Sleepless Night !!


Sometimes It’s Good To Express ❤️

The busy city awoke to next morning, ready to face another hectic week of work and life. Like any other day James woke up to his daily routine. It was 8 am in the morning and James was ready over the breakfast table. He saw his favorite dish been severed over the breakfast, without uttering even as smile or words of compliment he started eating the breakfast scrolling the mobile feed with other hand.
Juliet (James’s wife) waited around the corner hoping to hear words of appreciation. But James seemed to be too busy over the phone. With a lose heart she went to carry on with he r other household chores. As Juliet became busy finishing her other household chores, she heard James mobile ringing, till the time she reached the drawing room, she saw James walking outside the house closing the main door.
Juliet felt as if James has closed the door on her face. Trying to forget everything, she decided to play her favorite song for making her mood fine. It became evening, the sun was set and the sky was fading from Blue to Orange. Juliet talked in her mind about all those things she wanted to tell James once he is back. She waited and waited, the clock turn from 8pm 9pm and midnight. She tried calling him, texting him. But in return she received just one message, “I will be late tonight, please go to sleep”. And her whole night went waiting and hoping for some miracle.
Days passed and Months too, Juliet and James started feeling like they were living in a sharing apartment with some stranger. The person with whom they were married seemed to be found nowhere. One of my friends who had taken session from me previously, gave her my contact.
It was 9pm when I received her call, insisting she wanted to see me, she took appointment for the next day. Next day, the doorbell ranged and she walked inside with a broad smile on her face but her eye told her story. Offering her the seat, I asked her how she was. And she started narrating her story; she was a beautiful woman belonging to a royal family. With the maids surrounded all around she did not needed to work at all. But just to sprinkle some love in her not so good married life, she use to cook sometimes.
When everything she said sounded so perfect, I asked her what is that is missing in her life?
Conclusion of the Problem-
All three cards clearly depict the picture that Juliet has to do something to make her own life, to find her passion and something by which she can be recognized. She needs to get out of the cocoon. That will reduce the stress on her husband whether it’s emotional or financial. Also by doing so, her husband James would feel proud about her and won’t take her for granted. So it can turn into a happy relationship.