The Sleepless Night !!


The clock was ticking 2am and she was all awake, not staring at the stars nor at the moon just lost somewhere in deep thoughts thinking hard about life. Entire world was sleeping and here she was sitting in the balcony of the compartment with a coffee mug. Each sip of coffee was adding thousands of thoughts to my already troubled mind. It had become a regular routine for Ria to sit quietly for hours in her own thoughts. It had been just 3 years she was married and it seems like ages. No conversation with her spouse and it seemed like the spark and the joy in the relationship was all gone! Ria would often spent hours thinking what exactly went wrong and why she feels like living with stranger!
Every day she used to prepare his favorite dishes for dinner but her husband was often failing to recognize that. She tried every possible way to break the ice between them but was all her efforts seemed to be failing miserably. Considering it was the end of her married life, before filling the divorce case she decided to approach a Tarot Reader as a last source of hope!
The Phone bell Rang….
It was 6:55am in the morning and I was lost in sweet dreamy world when the phone bell rang.
She was crying over the phone and was pleading to take Tarot Reading Session today. I asked her name and gave her the appointment for 11am. Trust me waking up to someone’s crying voice can never be a Good Morning.
I was busy trying to finish all my house hold chores when the phone rang again; it was Ria asking to open the door. I opened the door and there she was wearing a maroon color dress with big earing, extra eye liner trying to cover the sadness in her big eyes!
Offering her place to seat, I Opened my Deck of Tarot cards. She started speaking, “It has been three years that I am married thinking I would be having a companionship and within three years its all gone. I try literally al possible way to talk to my husband but he doesn’t respect me. He doesn’t like anything I do. I feel like I am the most useless person on the earth. Saying all this she busted into tears.
I asked her to pull three cards and here it came up the entire picture –
Solution of the Problem Based On Cards - Ria was doing everything for her husband, but there was something major that she was missing up upon and that was satisfying his ego. Every day she use to cook something he loves failing to realize his ego needs to be taken care of. Four of Pentacles is a card of a greedy person, so if she serves his ego more than anything else, relationship will fall in the right place.